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Rejuvenate, Refine, and Restore

People seek plastic and reconstructive surgery for various reasons. It can be a desire to reverse signs of aging, to re-proportion certain physical features or to reconstruct appearance and function after cancer or trauma. Essential in my treatments is the personalized approach, and dedication for the highest level of care and exceptional results.

You can trust in my expertise to guide you towards the most suitable options, tailored to your unique needs.
After performing these surgeries with passion for innovation and precision for more than a decade, I have experienced how fantastic it is what you can achieve with plastic surgery!
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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

With his experience and a keen eye for aesthetics, doctor Verduijn possesses the expertise to address a wide range of facial concerns: from rejuvenating facelifts, and subtle eyebrow lifts to delicate eyelid surgeries, precise neck lifts and chin augmentations.

Utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology, doctor Verduijn creates natural-looking results that harmonize with your unique features.

Whether you desire a cosmetic procedure for a subtle refinement or a complete rejuvenation, the goal is to bring out the best version of yourself!
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In the press

Harper's bazaar

Read the Exclusive Harper's Bazaar Article featuring Doctor Verduijn

Do you consider a facelift? In this article plastic surgeon doctor Verduijn gives the expert information you want to know about facelifts. He addresses the following important topics: Before and after facelift, wrinkles after facelift, Mini facelift, Deep Plane facelift, Macs lift, facelift costs, facelift recovery, and possible complications of a facelift procedure.    

Furthermore this article features how to choose the best facelift surgeon, or best plastic surgery clinic in the Netherlands, and how temporary facial rejuvenation is possible with a liquid facelift with fillers and botox. Doctor Verduijn also reveals his facelift expectations: 'You reverse the clock ten to 15 years with a facelift'.
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Mirror Mirror Magazine Article with Doctor Verduijn

mirror mirror magazine

Read my contribution to the article "Happy Surgery" in Mirror Mirror Magazine.  

A well-executed facelift is not noticeable. What you do see: yourself as a younger, fresher and less tired-looking person. The operation takes about three hours and the recovery time is usually four weeks.

It takes an average of a year for the scars that run in the skin folds at tactical spots to fully mature.
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