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Privacy Policy Verduijn Plastic Surgery

At Verduijn Plastic Surgery, safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and clients is a paramount concern. This Privacy Policy has been devised to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how we gather, employ, communicate, disclose, and otherwise manage personal information when you visit our website,, or avail yourself of our services.

About Verduijn Plastic Surgery
Verduijn Plastic Surgery is the entity responsible for the processing of your personal data. Our address is: Thérèse Schwartzestraat 119 2597 XK 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands. Should you require further clarifications or additional details concerning our Privacy Policy, feel free to get in touch via email at

Scope of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy extends its coverage to both our website visitors and clients. It encompasses information shared with or collected by Verduijn Plastic Surgery and its associated medical professionals.

Processing of Personal Data
Outlined below is an overview of how Verduijn Plastic Surgery processes your personal data. This summary includes the specific personal data employed for each purpose, the legal basis for processing, and the data retention duration. For clarity, information has been categorized based on the type of data processing.

Patient Registration
Upon becoming a patient at Verduijn Plastic Surgery, we process your personal information to enroll you as a client and deliver our services. This includes details such as your name, address, phone number, email address, payment information, and date of birth. Processing this information is crucial for fulfilling our contractual obligations in providing services (Article 6.1(b) GDPR). Registering and utilizing our services necessitates providing these personal particulars.

Medical Consultations
In order to offer tailored and optimal experiences, as well as services that cater to your needs, we collect data during initial consultations, medical history assessments, and treatment sessions. This may involve information related to your health and medical history, including body measurements, allergies, past surgeries, and medical records. Given the sensitivity of health-related data, Verduijn Plastic Surgery only processes such information with your explicit consent (Article 9.2(a) GDPR).

Client Accounts
Clients availing our plastic surgery services have the option to create a personal account, facilitating activities like appointment scheduling and subscription management. Data such as your name, email address, and password are collected for contractual purposes (Article 6.1(b) GDPR). Account creation mandates furnishing these personal details.

Customer Support
To deliver effective customer support, Verduijn Plastic Surgery collects and processes personal data to address inquiries and concerns. This processing aligns with our legitimate interests in ensuring efficient customer service (Article 6.1(f) GDPR).

We provide newsletters to apprise you of service updates. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, opting out can be done through the provided option in each newsletter. Subscribing involves sharing your email address and falls under our legitimate interests in direct marketing (Article 6.1(f) GDPR).

Career Opportunities
For those applying for positions at Verduijn Plastic Surgery, personal data including contact details and application documents are collected for recruitment purposes. This processing aligns with our legitimate interests in managing the application process (Article 6.1(f) GDPR).

Log Files
Verduijn Plastic Surgery adheres to standard log file procedures, capturing visitor information for analytical and administrative purposes. These log files include IP addresses, browser details, timestamps, and navigation patterns. This process is driven by our legitimate interests in data analysis and site administration (Article 6.1(f) GDPR).

Third-party Partners
To provide services, specific personal data is shared with external service providers. These providers process data on behalf of Verduijn Plastic Surgery, following data processing agreements that ensure compliance with our instructions. Notable third parties include:
Hosting providers for data storage and management
Software provider for appointment booking
Fathom Analytics and Google Drive
Email marketing service provider (e.g., Mailchimp)

International Data Transfer
Certain service providers are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), necessitating adherence to international data transfer regulations. Verduijn Plastic Surgery ensures appropriate data protection measures through contractual agreements incorporating European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses (Article 46.1(c) GDPR).

Data Retention
Personal data retention adheres to legal requirements and the specific purpose for collection. Notable retention periods include:Active client data is retained for the duration of membership and deleted within three months of unsubscribing.Financial records are maintained for 7 years due to legal obligations.Email addresses remain on our records until unsubscribed and are retained for a maximum of 3 months post-unsubscription.CCTV images are stored for 1 month.Application data is retained for 4 weeks post-rejection or up to 1 year with consent.Log files are stored for 1 month.

Data Protection Rights
Under GDPR, you possess various rights regarding your personal data:
· Right to access
· Right to rectification
· Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)
· Right to restriction
· Right to data portability
· Right to object
· Right to withdraw consent
Requests related to these rights can be directed to
Verduijn Plastic Surgery commits to responding within one month, with a possible two-month extension for complex cases.

Should you have concerns or complaints about how Verduijn Plastic Surgery handles your personal data, you have the option to contact us or lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection authority.